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  • Midwives are the most common birth attendants in the world
  • In the United States, midwives attended 297,902, or 9.5% of all births in 2000
  • Approximately 40,588 or 1% are births at home
  • Taos County New Mexico has the highest percentage of home births nationally at almost 25%. This is due to a long history of midwives and their continuity in the health system
  • There are 5,700 nurse-midwives in practice in the US
  • There are 1,215 Certified Professional Midwives
  • There are 10 MEAC accredited direct entry midwifery schools in the US
  • There are 47 ACNM accredited nurse-midwifery education programs in the US
  • Outcomes of Planned Home births with a Certified Professional Midwife in 2000
    • 98.4 % of all the mothers were in good health after birth
    • 98.3% of all the babies were in good health after birth
    • 99% initiated breastfeeding and 95.8% were still breastfeeding at 6 weeks!
    • Episiotomy rate = 2.1% (compared to 33.0%)
    • Cesarean Section rate = 3.7% (compared to 19% nationally) - It is now up to 30 % nationally
    • Infant mortality rate = 1.7 in 1000 live births (similar to hospital outcomes for low risk)
    • No maternal deaths

The Farm Midwives, under the direction of Ina May Gaskin, had a 98.6% success rate for vaginal birth and only 1.4 cesarean rate while nationally the c-section rate was 24.4%! To read more midwives statistics from the Farm visit:

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