Natural Childbirth Questions

Natural Birth & Pregnancy Questions

To make an informed decision about the type of care you want for you and your baby, ask yourself these important questions.

  • Do you desire the most natural, gentle approach to welcoming your baby into the world?
  • Do you eat wholesome foods?
  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • Do you see yourself in charge of your body and self?

If you answered yes to these, consider care with a midwife.

  • Is your current care provider respectful of you at visits and comfortable with natural birth?
  • Does he/she help educate you and encourage you to make informed decisions about medical tests and interventions?
  • Do you have ample time and a feeling of comfort to explore your fears and concerns with your caregiver?
  • Do you find yourself empowered and delighted after each visit?

If you are unable to say yes to any of these questions, but wish you could, midwife care may be the best choice for you.

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