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Pregnancy and childbirth are natural experiences that should be supported by well-rounded care to address everything about a mother: physical, clinical, and emotional. To address only the clinical aspect would be incomplete care. Midwives look at the whole woman, as well as her family.

Professionally trained midwives provide you with this complete, holistic care. They also empower you with education and choices to help make the best, safest decisions for you and your baby before and after birth.

Clinical and Physical Care

Much of the prenatal, labor, and postnatal clinical assessments you will experience with your midwife are very similar to that of an OB. However, a midwife's experience with the normal birth process allows her to focus on you and your baby, rather than encouraging a reliance on technology and intervention. Your midwife supports what is healthy and good about labor and birth, while carefully watching for early signs of a shift away from normal. Midwives are trained to act when additional medical help is needed, but they do not unnecessarily expose women and babies to potentially harmful interventions.

If a clinical procedure is being considered, your midwife will provide you with a well-rounded education so that you can make informed choices about what is best for you and your baby, based on your individual values and belief.

Your midwife will visit with you during regular pre and postnatal visits, which generally last about one hour. As you near your due time, your midwife will help you create a comfortable, healthy environment for childbirth. Throughout your labor, your midwife(s) will be present with you. During labor, she will trust your instincts regarding what is best for you at each moment (standing, squatting, moving, eating, drinking), and will offer suggestions and encouragements to keep you comfortable and confident. She will work to minimize stress and tension to help you reduce pain and allow the body's natural process. Massage, breathing, nutrition, and the use of water are only a few techniques she may employ to help. When your baby arrives, she will be there to provide care for both of you.

Emotional care

A midwife can help you feel safe, supported, and in control throughout your pregnancy and birth. During visits with your midwife, which can start during your first trimester or even for preconception guidance, you will have ample time to ask questions, gain self-care knowledge, share feelings, explore dreams, and discuss fears. Often, your midwife becomes a trusted friend, as well as a knowledgeable advisor.

When you choose homebirth with a qualified midwife you are choosing to give birth in an environment in which you feel nurtured and secure. In this environment your emotional well-being, privacy, and personal preferences are respected. While you are laboring, your midwife will guide you and safeguard the well-being of you and your baby.

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