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Midwife-attended home births are as safe as hospital births, with the benefits of fewer intervention and infections, more support, and greater client satisfaction.

Consider these statistical conclusions:

  • Families receive more personalized attention and care for all aspects (physical, emotional and clinical) of the pregnancy and birth, which greatly improves both mother and baby's experience.
  • Midwives act as confidence boosters. They promote self-care and help women feel capable and comfortable throughout pregnancy and labor.
  • When appropriate, midwives collaborate with medical care providers to ensure the safety of mother and baby.
  • Midwife-attended home births are more cost effective than hospital births because unnecessary interventions are avoided.
  • Homebirths reduce maternal morbidity rates from complications due to interventions and infections, risks from hospitals errors or poor staffing levels.
  • Homebirths increase the prospects for successful bonding and breastfeeding.

Women's bodies are uniquely designed for pregnancy and childbirth. When the natural process is encouraged, rather than artificially suppressed or changed, fewer complications result.

Consider these facts:

  • Studies have proven that a warm and familiar setting enables the body's physiology to naturally curb pain and labor more effectively.
  • Each intervention in the natural process can beget another intervention. This cascade effect, or action/reaction, can lead to unnecessary complications or infections.
  • Without drug intervention, babies are less likely to experience complications.
  • The rate of C-sections in the U.S. has risen to nearly 30%. However, at home your risk of transferring for a c-section is 3.8%.

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