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Once you've chosen to have a natural childbirth at home, you have already made a statement about yourself and your dedication to your baby: "Birth is beautiful, and I am empowered with strength and grace to bring my baby into the world safely and gently."

Here are a few ideas to help support your dedication and confidence.

  • Think positively about your changing body.
  • Learn as much as you can about normal, natural, unmedicated birth.
  • Read positive natural birth stories but stay away from TV birth stories.
  • Surround yourself with support that celebrates and trusts natural birth.
  • Eat and drink in a way that supports your healthy body and nourishes your baby.
  • Stay active and get out to play as much as is appropriate for you.
  • Be playful and curious about the sensations you experience.
  • Practice relaxation, visualizations, and breathing with your partner before the birth.
  • Make a music play list with both calm, relaxing music, and active dance rhythms.
  • Sprinkle positive affirmations and happy drawings around the house.
  • When in labor, practice the art of meeting each surge with relaxed breath.
  • During labor, use touch. Massage, nipple stimulation and being close to your partner all help labor progress.
  • Use water therapy: like a shower, bath, or water birth tub.
  • Use aromatherapy.
  • Let your body take over and trust your instincts. Don't let your busy mind interfere with your body's ancient wisdom.
  • Trust that this is the most powerful experience of your life and worth every bit of effort.
  • Choose your caregiver wisely because he or she will have an enormous impact on your experience.
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