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Through your pregnancy, your midwife will get to know you and your family personally. She will offer help and suggestions during this time of transition. She will include family and friends in the birth process, as you wish. This bonding process may include having a sibling listen to your baby's heartbeat and the feel the baby.

Your midwife also knows how important it is for you to feel connected and supported during pregnancy and motherhood. To help, she may refer you to prenatal yoga classes, La Leche League meetings and prenatal groups to help you connect with others who share the physical, emotional, and social changes you are experiencing.

She can also help guide you through changes in your relationship and family. Your midwife offers information for sibling preparation and guidance about mommy's need for space during her birth.

During labor, if extended family or friends are present, the midwife will stay connected with them, providing reassurance as to length and progress of labor. She will also offer postpartum support for day-to-day work, such as encouraging women to arrange for trusted friends and family to help with meals, siblings, pet care, watering plants, and laundry.

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