Birthing at Home & Breastfeeding Information

Birthing at home with a midwife gives you and your family the space to focus on what matters most: getting to know each other, bonding, nesting and restoring.

A midwife's care will continue for six to eight weeks after your baby arrives. During postnatal visits, initially at your home, a midwife will check and weigh your baby, provide encouragement and suggestions for mother's rest and restoration. She also helps your family welcome and adjust to a new baby. Most importantly, she will help with breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding plays a key role in bonding and physical health of both mother and baby. Breast milk is especially designed to meet the physiological needs of the human infant. It can help protect children from cancer, diabetes, diarrhea, ear infections, emotional neglect, low I.Q., sudden infant death syndrome, urinary tract infections, and other illnesses. Breastfeeding may also offer some protection to the mother from breast and ovarian cancers and obesity.

Mothers Natually

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