Home Childbirth Advantages

Natural Homebirth Advantages

Motherhood is all about choices. Where your child is born is one of the first and most transformative choices you will make for yourself and your child. When you choose to birth at home you are empowering yourself, the mother - not the doctors - to create a safe, nurturing and loving entrance for what you care about most - your baby.

Homebirth with a midwife provides:

  • Personal attention and respectful treatment in safe, familiar and private surroundings.
  • Woman-centered care.
  • Family-oriented birth with no strangers present.
  • An opportunity for immediate bonding and breastfeeding.
  • Less disruption and stress for the whole family.
  • Emotional support and affirmation that birth is a normal and
    profound life event to be respected, rather than interfered with.
  • Guidance and education at each step of the process.
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